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// An Introduction To Night Diva... - the only UK online shop for Strippers. Offering the sexiest range of Stripper shoes, long dresses, short dresses, fake tan, eyelashes, jewellery and MUCH MORE!

Supplying girls with the best brands for work and play. Amazing brands such as: Pleaser, Leg Avenue,Body Language, Dreamgirl and Hustler. Read more...

Stripper Clothes

Why spend time browsing the web for beautiful pole dancing clothes and stripper clothes and shoes when all the latest products are available right here at Night Diva? We’re your one stop shop for pole dancing wear, stripper clothes and shoes! In fact, we’re one of the only online stores in the UK to offer such a diverse range of stripper clothes and accessories that includes collections from all the greatest brands, including Hustler, Dreamgirl, Leg Avenue and Bordello.

Stripper Shoes

From the moment you set eyes on our collection of stripper shoes, you’ll fall in love with these high-heeled beauties. We’re proud to stock some of the very best designs from leading manufacturer Pleaser. Pleaser takes the concept of alternative footwear to an unbeatable level and its products are designed for those who want to make a sincerely sexy statement with their stripper shoes.

Established in the early nineties, this fashion powerhouse is always the first brand that springs to mind for pole dancers and burlesque performers looking to update their wardrobe with beautifully designed stripper shoes.


Pole Dancing Clothes

Express your own individuality with our extensive range of pole dancing clothes. Whether you perform professionally or like to keep your pole antics to yourself, you’ll love our comfortable and shapely pole dancing clothing. Take a look at our long and short dresses, hosiery and lingerie for a little inspiration and pull together your favourite pole dancers clothes and stripper clothes for a look that oozes fun and sensuality.

Pole Dancers Clothing

Pick a pole dancers clothing set or mix and match from our lines of dresses and lingerie. You could even opt for themed pole dancing clothes from our comprehensive collection of Costumes. Tease your audience with a sexy cop uniform or go for a full French maid outfit with a killer pair of pole dancing shoes for a real impact!

Pole Dancing Shoes

Designed to be glamorous, eye-catching and excessively dramatic, our pole dancing shoes and stripper shoes are guaranteed to make both amateur and professional dancers feel on top of the world. Our pole dancing shoes offer the perfect combination of height and sparkle and finer details such as straps, bows and rhinestone embellishments really set our range of Bordello pole dancing shoes apart.

Sexy Clubbing Dresses

Make a statement with our sexy clubbing dresses. Fiendishly mischievous and manufactured to the highest standards, the sexy clubbing dresses from Night Diva are the perfect choice if you’re out to impress and can even double up as perfect pole dancing wear! Take a look at our gallery for stunningly seductive fishnet sexy clubbing dresses, sequin-adorned bodycon dresses and many more gorgeous styles.

Pole Dancing Wear

We try to keep our pole dancing wear and stripper clothes priced as low as possible, so you’re always guaranteed the best value when you buy from us directly. If you’re looking for specific pole dancing wear and can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, we will be happy to source anything you need – just get in contact with our sales team for more information or to ask us questions on any of our pole dancers clothing.